Friday 12 September 2014

Craft Stamper Blog Challenge: Tissue Stamping!

The current challenge over on the Craft Stamper blog is all about stamping on tissue.....which is something I'm very fond of!
My contribution to the DT samples is this little lady...
(oh no...I can hear you groaning now...not another Art Doll!)
I promise to share other kinds of projects soon!!!
Back to little miss magic moment....!
The stamping on tissue part of my doll is actually recycled from another project! A while back, I created these:
I went through the whole stamping on tissue technique in a step by step tutorial HERE, if you want to see!
For my 'new' Art Doll, I simply removed the green face from it's stripy stalk, and made a body to go with it!
I sketched out a dress and leg shape from chipboard, cut it out and then painted it..
The dress shape was smeared with white, green and pink paint, then stamped with dots, stars and a grid pattern. The legs were masked off whilst all that was going on, once I finished I painted in the stripes and gave her some pink sparkly shoes...
The head was connected to the body with a teeny bit of bamboo skewer (painted pink!)
The arms of my doll double up as a hanger...simply a thick bit of wire, bent in a curve above her head, ballerina style!
A pair of dotty wings complete the look...
I hope you like her, and more importantly, I hope you get out the tissue and play along with the Craft Stamper Blog Challenge!
All the details can be found HERE....along with rather a lot of eye candy from the DT!
See you soon!
Trish xxxxx


  1. She is fabulous and I love her pink sparkley shoes they are ace! xxx

  2. She's fab-u-lous! Trish .... I'm with Elizabeth too, love those sparkly shoes! xx

  3. No way. I never get tired of seeing your art dolls! I just realized...on your spiky ones are those dart tips? Genius! I love this girlie's dress. I keep saying I'm going to try my hand at an art doll. Maybe today...

  4. She is very cute ! Love those stripy stockings !
    Corrie x

  5. She is adoreable Trish, you are an inspiration missy!!! xoxox

  6. She is sooooooo GORGEOUS ♥♥

    I NEED the star stamp you are using Trish, who's IS IT!!!!


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