Friday 14 November 2014

Craft Stamper Blog Challenge..

It's eye candy day over a the Craft Stamper blog, the DT are sharing some more inspiration for the current Take It, Make It challenge! My contribution is this little tree ornament...

Long time followers of my blog may think this looks familiar.... and you would be right! Last Christmas I made a similar tree using stamped circles (but sssshhhh, I think I like this star version better!)
The TIMI challenge this month is to take a regular stamp and turn it into something Christmassy. The DT girls have some up with some fabulous ideas- perfume bottles as penguins? Genius! I used a star, not quite in the same league but you get the idea!
As I didn't have star stamps in the right size, I created my own out of thick fun foam and a pyrography tool....
I stamped the stars in white paint on glassine paper, then cut them out...
Three different sizes were stamped. I then stacked them up and poked a hole through the whole lot...
(I tried to create a teeny tiny star stamp for the final layer, but gave up and used a punch instead! Too fiddly!)
These now need to get stacked up on your stand. I wrote an article a few months ago for Craft Stamper on how to create these stands, but in case you missed it , here's a reminder!
Create a spiral from thick wire. Make sure the spiral is a little smaller than the chipboard circles you wish to use as the top and bottom of your stand...
Bend the wire over the centre of the spiral, making it as flat as possible...
Bend the wire at 90 degrees to the very centre of the spiral...
Now glue to the base circle of chipboard...
Doesn't matter how messy it is! Poke a hole in the other chipboard circle, then glue in place over the top of the spiral...
I now cover the stand with either book pages or copy paper to hide the gap!
The base can now be painted or decorated to suit your project!
Anyway...back to the tree!
Thread on a couple of seed beads, then add the first star...
Continue adding a bead then a star, making sure the biggest stars are at the bottom...
Keep going until you have used up all your stars....
I then punched out another star from text paper, and glued it to the trimmed wire at the top of the tree..
As a finishing touch, I covered the tree with Rock Candy Glitter!
I am definitely in the Christmas creating mood now, expect lots more assemblage type weirdness over the next few weeks!
The Craft Stamper DT can't wait to see all your interpretations of this months challenge theme, so why not join in? All the details can be found HERE !
See you soon,
Love Trish xxxxxx


  1. Love that so much, would like a six foot one plase ;) Elizabeth xxx

  2. This is fab-u-lous ..... I love it!! xx

  3. Pure genius...adore it Trish :-) ♡♡♡

  4. Hi Trish, what a great idea, love it.

  5. Love it, Trish! The stars are perfect for a tree.


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