Tuesday 30 September 2014

Dip Marbling!

Today I'm sharing another technique tutorial over on the blog for A Sprinkle Of Imagination.... This time its an inky background technique called dip marbling....little peek...
What is dip marbling? You'll need to pop on over to the blog HERE and find out!
Have a great day,
Trish xxxxxxx

Friday 26 September 2014

Home is where the heart is!

Just a *tad* excited this evening....I'm a Guest Designer over on the PaperArtsy blog tonight!
I love PaperArtsy, have been a fan since the very beginning, so I was thrilled when Darcy asked me if I would like to be 'an Experimentor' ! Sounds all very Harry Potter doesn't it?......
I was asked to choose a PaperArtsy product, and then think a bit outside of the box and experiment. See if I could come up with anything interesting!
I chose grunge paste......and went a bit large with it! The experiment and accompanying pics are over on the PA blog now, but I'll show you some more pictures here of the finished result!
This is the finished project.....a shadow box! I created the box by cutting out greyboard, then sticking it together with masking tape. I made it to measure my house, but of course you could use ready made boxes if you have one that fits your project! I then covered the whole thing with book pages, glued down with gel medium. This has two purposes, as well as looking cool, the paper/gel medium combo adds loads of stability when dry. I gave the box a wash of Snowflake paint, then smeared on a little Mermaid and Guacamole paint too. A simple colour scheme, as I wanted the focus to be on the house.
To add a little design to the inside of the box, I used the stamping on tissue method to get some dots and checkerboard images onto my tricky-to-stamp-on surface..
The dots are from The Electica Ellen Vargo 6 set, and the checkerboard is from the Man of Numbers plate two. I gave my shadow box a 'hanger' of sorts...can you tell what it is?
Yep..it's a pencil! Given a few coats of Gesso, then wired to the top of the box.
My box 'feet' are half spools, great to use as feet as the flat part sits snugly against the bottom of your project..
As you can see, I  added a little circle to the spool, a tiny punched out bit of painted card, with added doodles! I also added some grasses, again cut from card and with lines drawn on with a fineliner pen.
The bunting is very simple, cut out triangles of the same painted card...
I added cut out letters, then glued the triangles onto some white cord. Strung across the top left corner of the shadowbox, it creates the first part of the title of the whole piece!
The remaining words were cut out and glued to more card, and placed at the bottom right of the shadow box..
So....the main part of the box is the house!
Made from grunge paste (yes really!), then painted with the same colours as the rest of the piece. I then used the stamping on tissue method again, using gel medium to glue down white painty stamped dots, green checkerboards and a blue grid design. once dry, the gel medium gives a fab shiny finish, and is great for doodling over! As you can see, I sketched a door, and a few roof tiles. The wings come from one of my favourite sets, Hot Pick 1301 (although you can find them without the text background on Hot Pick 1203 too!) I stamped them onto a white painted book page, cut them out and glued them to the back of the house. My final touch is my one pop of vibrant colour! I created a heart from Grunge paste, then painted it with London Bus red paint. I gave it a coat of Glossy Accents to give the shiny look, then added it to the house as a finishing touch.
I really had a ball with this....and I hope you pop on over to the PA blog to see exactly how I made the house!
See you soon,
Trish xxxxxx

Thursday 25 September 2014

Stuffed Heart!

Like a challenge? 
A Sprinkle Of Imagination have a fabulous Colour Challenge every month, a wonderful palette of delicious colours for you to play with! This months palette is this:

My contribution is this heart...
I have a tutorial over on the ASOI blog today on just exactly how I made it, I hope you'll pop on over HERE to have a look!
All the information about the challenge can be found on the challenge page, I would love to see some entries from you all!
Trish xxxxx

Tuesday 23 September 2014


This week I've gone all minimalist for Calico Crafts.....just one teeny tiny pop of colour!
The whole thing is now over on the Calico Crafts blog, I would love it if you popped over to have a peek!
Trish xxxxx

Monday 22 September 2014

Favourite Things!

My turn over on the WOW! Embossing powder blog today, and as this months theme is 'favourite things', I have gone into classic 'Trish' mode and gone wild with the paint! Little peek...
Loads more pictures over on the WOW! blog now!
Have a great Monday everyone!
Trish xxxxx

Saturday 20 September 2014

Butterfly Doll

Today I have a tutorial over on the A Sprinkle Of Imagination creative team blog, showing you how I created this Butterfly Doll..
I hope you'll pop on over HERE and let me know what you think!
Trish xxxxx

Friday 12 September 2014

Craft Stamper Blog Challenge: Tissue Stamping!

The current challenge over on the Craft Stamper blog is all about stamping on tissue.....which is something I'm very fond of!
My contribution to the DT samples is this little lady...
(oh no...I can hear you groaning now...not another Art Doll!)
I promise to share other kinds of projects soon!!!
Back to little miss magic moment....!
The stamping on tissue part of my doll is actually recycled from another project! A while back, I created these:
I went through the whole stamping on tissue technique in a step by step tutorial HERE, if you want to see!
For my 'new' Art Doll, I simply removed the green face from it's stripy stalk, and made a body to go with it!
I sketched out a dress and leg shape from chipboard, cut it out and then painted it..
The dress shape was smeared with white, green and pink paint, then stamped with dots, stars and a grid pattern. The legs were masked off whilst all that was going on, once I finished I painted in the stripes and gave her some pink sparkly shoes...
The head was connected to the body with a teeny bit of bamboo skewer (painted pink!)
The arms of my doll double up as a hanger...simply a thick bit of wire, bent in a curve above her head, ballerina style!
A pair of dotty wings complete the look...
I hope you like her, and more importantly, I hope you get out the tissue and play along with the Craft Stamper Blog Challenge!
All the details can be found HERE....along with rather a lot of eye candy from the DT!
See you soon!
Trish xxxxx

Sunday 7 September 2014

Art Dolls on a Sunday....

Art Dolls? Again? Why not........!!!
A bit of a different shape than 'usual' though (although not sure you would call any of my Art Dolls 'usual' !!)
This is my DT project for A Sprinkle Of Imagination this week, there are lots more pictures and a full 'how to' over on the creative team blog right now!
See you soon!
Trish xxxx