Monday 9 February 2015

Being Brave......

Being brave about all sorts of things is pretty much my 'thing' for this year...and I've finally got off my behind and done something I've been wanting to do for months and tutorials!
The first one (or three!) involves my DT project today for A Sprinkle Of Imagination
I made an art journal page...... teaser pic :

I filmed the whole process for start to finish, then split it up into three separate tutorials;
1) Smeared Paint Backgrounds
2) Smeared Paint Backgrounds Part 2: The details (lots more layers including stamping, stencilling and printing)
3) Smeared Paint Backgrounds Part Three: Finishing Touches (adding the figure!)

Video number ONE is part of my DT post for ASOI today, and can be found HERE!
Videos 2 &3 are below...... or you could just go to Vimeo and find all three! (search for Trish Latimer)
I so hope you like them, and find them even a little bit interesting!

Sunday 8 February 2015

ASOI Design Team Reveal!

(totally forgot to schedule this for 8 am this apologies if this is old news by now!)

Today is the announcement of the brand new 2015 DT over at A Sprinkle Of Imagination!
Four very VERY talented artists have joined Jaine and please please hop on over and welcome them!

 DT announcement HERE