Monday 31 October 2011

Just like buses.....

You wait for ages then two come along in quick succession!!
It would appear I'm the cover project on the new December issue of Craft Stamper Magazine!
I may need a lie down in a dark room at this rate.......... :)
Here is a quick peek of the cover...

Thats my tag!! Silver gilding flakes.... a very yummy technique! Have a look HERE to see all the Craft Stamper Magazine info!!!

Half term is now over, so more time to get inky and painty.Yay!
Trish xx

Saturday 22 October 2011

Christmas Configurations..

Back in September, I taught a class on making a Christmas themed configurations box. Said box has now arrived home after being on display in the shop, so I have a chance to take the pics I should have taken before he went on display! Apparently there is interest in doing another one after Christmas, so its thinking cap on to decide the next theme!
 The whole thing...
A few close ups..
The above shows a deep UTEE filled bottlecap, and a chipboard star coloured and crackle-glazed.
This pic shows a tiny vial filled with large flaked glitter 'snow', and a wooden dangling snowflake.
Behind the die cut, gilded 'joy' you can see some bells peeking through the fun flock snow. There is also a wreath handmade from raffia wrapped round a stickles bottle! Tied with wire and painted up a bit, I thought it looked quite effective.
I also made a double rosette as you can see, and also a tree. This was created from folded paper not card, as I found the paper gave the sharpest creases but was still sturdy enough to stand.
The poor cherubs face detail seems to have been filled in with stickles, but it was there at the start, honest! I made the cherubs from white air dry clay, pushed into a mould.

As you can see, the whole thing was splattered with white paint 'snow' and all the boxes filled with either glitter or fun flock. All in all, the workshop took four hours, and I was very pleased at the amount of work we managed to complete in that time! A lot of configuration boxes you see have been filled with found items, which is all well and good, but I wanted to actually create the things that went inside.
Lots of messy fun was had by all, bring on the next one!!!

Trish xx

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Introducing 'Jim'.....!!

Last Friday I took a class with the most fabulous Lynne Perrella . A most wonderful time was had by all, and it was great to be able to watch one of my favourite artists in action. Lots of ideas and inspiration !!!
I must admit though, I did start to flag after a few hours, clearly I have no creative stamina! Those hardy souls who were there for the whole three day extravaganza have my admiration........
My finished triptych didn't look much like everyone elses.... I had to decide whether to go for the full on busy stencil look, or do my own thing somewhat. Whilst the others all looked fab, I'm a lover of a little empty space on a piece, so decided to create more in my own comfort zone. I would imagine that is not really the idea of going to a class, but I love my finished piece!
Now.....why Jim? Well, once the face and stencilled flowers had been added to my central panel, all I could see when I looked at it was Jim Morrison! I think it was reminding me of a Doors album cover or something. Once finished, it doesn't look quite as Jim-like, but the name kind of stuck.
Here it is in all its glory.....
Some detailed bits.....the dragonfly is made from 4 layers, three tissue and one clear packaging. Sewn together with twine and accent beads added.
I also made a layered flower by painting and stamping pre-made blank flower embellishments. I then put a  stamped bird on the top.....
I painted up a die cut grunge paper bobbly thing (branch? tree?), and added more red accent beads.....

 More Grunge flourishes were added to 'Jims' head.......

 I may add a few more red paint accents here and there, haven't decided!

A fabulous class!
Trish xx

Monday 17 October 2011

Winging his way to Australia......

I'm a member of a swap group on Facebook run by the very talented Linda Baldock. The deadline for our second swap "The Animal In Me" has just past, so I thought I'd share my little bluebird friend who is on his way to his new owner in Aus!
He was made from felt, hand sewn together then with a multitude of beads added. I'm not a 'deep' person, so all of the representational stuff just passes me by......basically, I'm a bird with a load of beads, so that's what I made!
The first swap we did was an Art Doll. This is the doll I created......
Again, another creation now residing in Australia!!!
I can't wait to see what creation is going to arrive with me.... usually people post a few sneaky peeks before they send, but with this one I'm totally in the dark. We shall see!

Trish x

Thursday 13 October 2011


My bottle cap bracelet made the cover of the latest Beads and Beyond magazine!!!.
Here's a little peek of the cover...
is the magazine website for all the information!

Yay! Not had a cover for ages so very pleased!
Now need to calm down and get organised for the Lynne Perella class I'm taking tomorrow. Should be fun!

Trish x

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Workshop on the horizon....

So today I've been making clasps for the students to use.
This coming Sunday will be workshop two from the three repeat classes I'm teaching at Windmill Craft Centre. As its the second class, I can iron out any kinks in the teaching so these next two run very smoothly! Really, after nearly 10 years teaching these classes, you would think I could get it right first time, but no, something always crops up that you wish you could have done better. This time it was all about the timing. I knew I was being ambitious expecting my students to make two wire wrapped bracelets, but optimism won out! Not a plan. Half an hour over our allotted time frame we were still at it............. My solution is not to expect total novice wire workers to create two clasps themselves! I'm now going for one clasp predone by me, and then one which will be created under my supervision. Whether that gets us in on time remains to be seen!
Anyway, here's the clasp I've made for them all. Nice and chunky, from 1.25mm copper wire, hammered and then antiqued (which they couldn't do in class anyway, waaaaaaay to stinky!!) My thumb is in there for scale...... to sew more beads to a birds bottom.....really. Should be finished tomorrow so I'll reveal all then!

Saturday 8 October 2011

End of an Era?

This past week has been a sad one. I started an ATC swapping group back in 2005, and over the years we have created some frankly stupendous art and had great fun along the way. Made some fantastic friends and enjoyed wonderful company.
However, numbers have dwindled as life takes its twists and turns. People change direction in their creative lives and have moved away from ATCs. Others simply find circumstances have forced them away from time spent crafting. All totally understandable, that's life.
This past week we have started to talk of winding up the group at the end of the year. I think it needs to be done, however much I'll miss it!
So, thanks for all the fantabulous ATCs over the past 6 years ladies, I will miss seeing all your art!
I thought I'd post a pic of one of my favourite ATCs....This was from a 'Children' themed swap.

Time to start again....

Well.....its been flipping years since I started a blog. And did nothing with it.
My October resolution to myself, if there is such a thing, is to do another one.....So here goes nothing!