Saturday, 22 October 2011

Christmas Configurations..

Back in September, I taught a class on making a Christmas themed configurations box. Said box has now arrived home after being on display in the shop, so I have a chance to take the pics I should have taken before he went on display! Apparently there is interest in doing another one after Christmas, so its thinking cap on to decide the next theme!
 The whole thing...
A few close ups..
The above shows a deep UTEE filled bottlecap, and a chipboard star coloured and crackle-glazed.
This pic shows a tiny vial filled with large flaked glitter 'snow', and a wooden dangling snowflake.
Behind the die cut, gilded 'joy' you can see some bells peeking through the fun flock snow. There is also a wreath handmade from raffia wrapped round a stickles bottle! Tied with wire and painted up a bit, I thought it looked quite effective.
I also made a double rosette as you can see, and also a tree. This was created from folded paper not card, as I found the paper gave the sharpest creases but was still sturdy enough to stand.
The poor cherubs face detail seems to have been filled in with stickles, but it was there at the start, honest! I made the cherubs from white air dry clay, pushed into a mould.

As you can see, the whole thing was splattered with white paint 'snow' and all the boxes filled with either glitter or fun flock. All in all, the workshop took four hours, and I was very pleased at the amount of work we managed to complete in that time! A lot of configuration boxes you see have been filled with found items, which is all well and good, but I wanted to actually create the things that went inside.
Lots of messy fun was had by all, bring on the next one!!!

Trish xx

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