Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Workshop on the horizon....

So today I've been making clasps for the students to use.
This coming Sunday will be workshop two from the three repeat classes I'm teaching at Windmill Craft Centre. As its the second class, I can iron out any kinks in the teaching so these next two run very smoothly! Really, after nearly 10 years teaching these classes, you would think I could get it right first time, but no, something always crops up that you wish you could have done better. This time it was all about the timing. I knew I was being ambitious expecting my students to make two wire wrapped bracelets, but optimism won out! Not a plan. Half an hour over our allotted time frame we were still at it............. My solution is not to expect total novice wire workers to create two clasps themselves! I'm now going for one clasp predone by me, and then one which will be created under my supervision. Whether that gets us in on time remains to be seen!
Anyway, here's the clasp I've made for them all. Nice and chunky, from 1.25mm copper wire, hammered and then antiqued (which they couldn't do in class anyway, waaaaaaay to stinky!!) My thumb is in there for scale......

OK...off to sew more beads to a birds bottom.....really. Should be finished tomorrow so I'll reveal all then!

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