Friday, 20 April 2012

Busy busy busy...

Got back from a frantic 'non-holiday' in Florida early Monday....and my feet haven't touched the ground since! I say non holiday because no way can you describe getting up before 7am, walking at least 400 miles around theme parks in 80+ degree heat every day for a fortnight a holiday! i'm not even going to mention the allergies, heat rash, sunstroke, migraines or chicken pox! Very very glad to be home............
Mad busy on the secret project that i can't share yet because its still secret, so i thought I'd get back in the blogging saddle (so to speak) with a little something I made a while ago....
The 'base' for my little crown prince is actually three small wooden panels stuck together wrapped in text tissue paper. Nice way to get a chunky look using thinner pieces, simply layer them up and away you go. This technique would work brilliantly with old childrens dominoes!
Painty background, then the image stamped onto tissue and glued in place. Isn't that crown fabulous! Love them, and now have a stash just waiting to be handed out to images i deem worthy enough of becoming royalty!

Closeup of the painty detail can just about see that its three bits together, but its not going to come apart, not with all that glue and paint on there!
Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter holiday!
Love Trish xx


  1. Sorry your 'holiday' was such a disaster, Trish but it's nice to see you creating again. Soon be back to normal x

  2. Oh dear sounds like a bit of a disaster but at least you're back home now. Did you get to Gatorland?


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