Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I'm back after three weeks away from the fabulousness that is WOYWW! Hop on over to Julias Blog to see where the best blog hop on the internet starts!
Well.....first two weeks away were because I was in Florida. Too hot for me I'm afraid, but the kids loved it so it wasn't all bad! Last week I just plain forgot it was Wednesday until waaaay too late! Maybe jet lag? who knows!
My desk this week is a bit of a weird angle.....most of the counter is covered in stuff you can't look at yet....... so the only bit I can show you is the very right hand corner under the eaves. Lots of music paper panels drying ready for a class i'm teaching on Saturday....

These boards will be the base for a variety of dimensional flowers.....lots of different techniques going on so it will be a busy class!
I have to say I LOVE the idea of a WOYWW ATC swap! Can't wait!
Off to look at all your desks now...have a great day!
Love Trish xxxx


  1. Florida, hot, holidays, no crafty deadlines...sounds wonderful. Back to it all in no time at all now, no doubt - have a good class and maybe one day I can come...convincing hubby we need to have a drive around crafting places/camper thing holiday! Have a creative week and happy WOYWWing... Sarah at 12!

  2. Sounds like you had a good holiday, I am intrigued as to what class you are teaching that requires all that music paper.....

    Eliza #26

  3. Well that music paper looks interesting!!! Have fun hugs trace x 97ish

  4. A holiday in Florida, sounds amazing.....

    Those backgrounds look very interesting!!

    Happy WOYWW #34

  5. I hope you had a fab holiday, its nice to see you back on WOYWW again. I love the look of those music papers, they look interesting :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx #75

  6. Fascinating me with stories of what will be happening but I wish I could be there. Bet you are back to reality and feeling the cold now your hols are over. Hope you enjoyed it... I'd try too hot!
    JoZarty x

  7. Oooh how lovely two weeks in Florida - enjoy your class at the weekend - it looks very intruiging! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 20

  8. NOW that Trish, is good we are on Wednesday and your class is at the weekend. MUCHO impressed! Sounds great too...will you show and tell after? And hey, your funny angle table under the light looks great from here!

  9. The class sounds so interesting! Love all that natural light in your crafty space!!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Nadia 117

  10. I've just got back from South Carolina myself and I can tell you I'd rather be back at the beach than at my desk at work! Love all those coloured beads on the hangy thing, great pop of colour there.

    Brenda 118

  11. Those music blocks do look fab! Glad your hols were good, even if too hot! Enjoy WOYWW, am working through the list in shifts! Take care Zo xx 77

  12. I'm looking forward to the WOYWW ATC swap too. I think it will be fun. Love the shot of your desk. The slanty window is so fun! Happy day to you.

  13. Very intriguing! I could do with a week in Florida I'm beginning to feel somewhat waterlogged in 'drought' hit Britain. Hope your class goes well sounds lovely x

  14. Oh that music paper looks good. Love the light from the window on your desk.
    Carolyn #90

  15. The music paper panels look interesting - hope we see how they are used - (Hazel, #173) x

  16. Wish I was there to take the class.
    Happy WOYWW

  17. Hope you had a great time in Florida, lucky you! I'd love to see what happens with those fab panels ... Thanks for sharing Liz no 194

  18. Very interesting roofline you have there, I love A frame homes.
    Florida is abit humid but a lovely place nonetheless.
    Bridget #1

  19. wow such an interesting desk love all the hiddenprojects you have on the go
    sorry I am late I am catching up with all the people I didn't get chance to visit on wednesday x
    vicky #104


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