Friday 6 March 2015

Craft Stamper Blog Challenge: March!

The new challenge for March over at Craft Stamper is a great one... as its a  'take a stamp' month, that means anything goes! (as long as there is stamping involved, obviously!) So let loose your creativity and get stamping...we want to see those creations!
My contribution is this panel...
annnnnd..... I had a few spare hours (!!) this week so I recorded a video so you could see exactly how I made it!


  1. Gorgeous Trish and fantastic video. I really must find out how to do videos lol x x x

  2. One of the best tutorials i have seen in ages the time flew as i was riveted to the spot, watching your cardboard come to life was lots of fun.

    Thank you for the tips :-) xxx

  3. I discover and ... marvellous !!!!!!!!

  4. Loved it Trish, thanks for sharing all of the helpful little tips too. Love the finished art.


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