Monday, 9 July 2012

Christmas Workshop prototype....

Yes, ridiculously organised person here....... (or rather, make something fun right now, even though I have things to do that are much more urgent than Christmas!)
Wanted to do an 'odd' Christmas class.... as well as the usual jewellery gift classes and Christmas card classes, so came up with this..
This is prototype one...... there will be snow, glitter and a smidge of bling on there too I think. I also want to use the snowflake rosettes that Tim has just previewed, if I can get my hands on some in time! Have you seen them? cor, you really need to.... look here !! It says available in the fall, and this class is scheduled for November, so fingers crossed!!!!
The base is a papier maché cone, painted and stamped...
with metal wings given the same treatment....
Acetate with white stamped stars at the moment.....(hopefully to be Tim snowflakes!)
Very simple stamped face, not black though, it looked too harsh. Midnight blue instead...
Quite simple really, but something a little different!!!!
Love Trish xxxx


  1. Lovely idea Trish - so nice, I even forgive you mentioning the "C" word before September!!! I agree, those Tim snowflakes look fabulous, something else to add to my wishlist!

  2. ...loVe your funky angel Trish!...great colour palette too & yep all the new stuff of Tim's looks awesome I want the whole lot!!, I do hope your lucky as they would be perfect for this angel...superb make!...Mel :)
    They did all have bar codes next to them maybe you could order??

  3. I really like this, Trish - love the colours, too, but it's the right side of quirky for me :-) Not sure I like the snowflake rosettes but I'm not a die fan at all and much prefer the stamped acetate - die hard stamper and all that, he, he - perhaps an inbetweenie would be best - like one of the Hero Arts matching dies and stamps... rosettes a bit too much like flowers and send shivers up and down my spine, lol x


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