Thursday, 14 February 2013

Spool Street!

The Creative Expressions Design Team have been lucky enough to get some brand new stamps to play with this month, and boy are they fab! I have made my first project using the Art Houses Plate designed by Sam Poole, love it! Here is 'Spool Street'....
These stamps are so easy to use to get a very creative look.....all I've done is stamp them onto white card, then paper pieced the details! I coloured scrap card with Watermelon, Citrus and Pool paint (from the Adirondack Paint Dabber range), then stamped each house again onto the painted card, cut out the detail and mounted it onto the relevant black and white house!
As I've used paint as a base to stamp onto, colour matching up the spools to the image details is an absolute doddle! Acrylic paint will cover anything, the two larger spools are plastic, the smaller one wood. What you DO need to remember is that you mustn't try and speed up the drying process of paint on plastic with a heat tool........... yep, the plastic will melt! So patience is required, but I reckon the spools dried enough for a second coat within an hour or so, so not too bad!
I stamped the Newsprint background stamp onto white copy paper, then cut it into strips and wrapped around the spools. I used paper rather than card because of course paper is more flexible, something to consider when you want to wrap the image around something!
The houses were then mounted onto the spools. The 'pool' coloured house has a heart that sits just slightly lower than the base of the house, and it was pure luck that the spool I used had a nice large central hole where the extra 'bit' could sit! They were all held in place with a bead.... glue the bead to the spool, then glue the house to the bead! Like this....
I hope you like my bright and cheerful little street of art houses, I suspect the rest of the design team will be coming up with some stunning projects based on these stamps, so be sure to check them out!
Trish xxxxx


  1. Fantastic! Just been enjoying Tracy's take on these stamps... it's so cool seeing how flexibly they respond to each different artist's style - these spools are just wonderful!
    Alison x

  2. these are fantastic. great idea and love the stamps too. x

  3. Fantastic idea loving the colour. I NEED these stamps
    Amanda x

  4. I love your spool street Trish. Fantastic colours and the spools showcase the images beautifully. Tracy x

  5. Love your funky spool streets, trace x

  6. trying to wait patiently for these stamps to come out! love them!


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