Thursday, 21 March 2013

Live In The Moment

The DT were given a fabulous choice of stamps this month from Creative Expressions to play with! Showcasing the new Single stamp range, so you can now buy single images rather than a whole plate! Some gorgeous stamps too, and this week I've chosen to use the Steampunk Dressform......
Now, the eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted that this creation isn't very Steampunk! Which goes to show just how versatile these stamps are. For this piece I wanted a less industrial look, so got rid of any steampunk-ness! I'll explain as I go along....
The base is a square of chipboard, painted white to give a blank base. I then used Eco Green paint in purple, pale blue and lime to colour....
Once dry, I added the frame that surrounds my dress form. Another single stamp, this time from the Stamps to die for range. This one is called 'Blossoming Frame'. As the background is a little textured because of all the painty layers, I stamped the frame onto tissue and glued it down. Once dry, the tissue becomes transparent and it looks like you stamped directly onto the substrate! As it happened, this actually worked a little too well, the frame was very crisp and clear. I toned it down slightly with more paint on top. I wanted the frame to be a background, not a focal point!
The dressform was stamped onto scrap card that I coloured with more paint. To 'de-steampunk' it was easy, I simply cut off the cogs that surrounded the skirt part, and created a tiny rolled up rose from purple cardstock to adhere over the cog on the bodice. The rose got a generous dusting of Rock Candy Dry Glitter as you can see!
To add a little extra interest, I also stamped the dressform again onto acetate, and cut out the wings. Remember to leave a little flap of acetate when cutting out, as this then gets inserted into a small slit cut into the main dressform. The wings then look seamless, sprouting from the correct position!
The sentiment is from the A5 Art Sayings plate by Sam Poole. Love that plate, so useful!
Simply stamped onto a bit of scrap painty card, then cut out and mounted!
And there you have it...a steampunk dressform that really isn't steampunk!!
Please pop back next week as I'll have another piece showcasing the Single Stamps to share!
Love Trish xxx


  1. A really great make ...I chose this stamp too!! Love how you have used the frame stamp behind. Hugs trace x

  2. Looks like three of us picked the same stamp set, I did too lol. Love your citrus colour and the acetate wings are fabulous. Love how you de steamounked it . Lovely. Tracy x

  3. Another fabulous canvas, Trish - the wings are a brilliant touch!
    Alison x

  4. Love it!! I actually have a mask with similar image (cogs at bottom too). Really love the acetate, wings MUST be 3d, surely that's the law?? Thanks to your last post I now have quite a shopping list for pay day so please excuse me if I simply admire this one? Lol. Caroline :))

  5. That is very pretty and demonstrates perfectly how to get different looks from one stamp. I love this one


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