Friday, 5 July 2013

Glitter Grunge!

As part of this months DT kit for Creative Expressions, we were given some glitter. Fabulous fine glitter in gunmetal, blue and emerald green. Now, you know me, not really a glitter person!
Which made things all the more interesting as I challenged myself to use the glitter, but still stay true to my messy grungy style of working! This is one project I came up with...
Mess and texture all mixed in with the glitter!
I used a Kraft panel as the base for this, and started off by scraping cream paint over it, concentrating on the areas where I knew I would be building up more layers on top. I then got the sewing machine out, and did a little freestyle stitching in a circle shape, to give a rough (very!) impression of a flower head. More stitching to create a 'stem'. Remember the resin hearts I made for THIS project?, whilst I was at it I made some domes too, and this is what I used as the centre of the flower....
It ended up looking a little too much like a fried egg for my liking though.... Still, you get what I was aiming for!
I did a little stamping and printing with ink and blue paint...
You can just about make out the Bubble Wrap, Chicken Wire and Plaid background stamps there!
I then got out a stencil, and very gently sponged Glue N Seal through it. Not loads as it will get very messy! Remove the stencil, and dust with the glitter....
I sponged a little glue randomly around the edges too....
If you're quick, you can brush off a little in places so the finished look is much less uniform. More (you guessed it!) grungy!
So, still not sue I can pull off the glittery look, but I like the randomness of the stencil with the border of glitter pulling things together! What do you think?
Love Trish xx


  1. Looks good to me!! Lovevthe flower myself, not an egg in sight!! Trace xnhugs x

  2. Looks good to me to! Glitter and grunge, fab!!
    Amanda x

  3. Love the paint against the kraft, and fab stamping... not a fried egg in sight.
    Alison x

  4. fabulous! love the colour combo. x

  5. I think it's Random, Glittery & Grungey!!!
    Oh & love combo of colours on Kraft...:))

  6. Do you see the hand reaching out to pluck the flower? :) So cool! Really love the inky/painty stamping. And of course, 'the flower' !


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