Thursday, 12 June 2014

Painty playtime!

I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but I managed to squeeze in some 'purely for me' painty playtime this morning! Loads of mess, I did a little monoprinting on an acrylic block, which is guaranteed to get paint all over the place. Love it! I made this...
Monoprinting is so easy, just grab a large acrylic block, squish paint on top then press down your cardstock. Pull off the prints, then keep pressing and lifting until you get something you love!
Once the actual paint was dry, I went in with some stamping...
Circles, dots, tiny honeycombs and grids....
I also printed circles and lines with various bits of junk!
Washi tape and stitching....
Tiny splats from melted UTEE, and larger flicked paint splats as well!
My image is a Zettiology lady... sometimes they just need a red circle around their heads....
A line cut from a (very dodgy) historical novel to finish...
(did you know that there is a good reason why some historical novels are nicknamed 'bodice rippers'??? Blimey, I blushed reading through the pages...rather rude!!!)
Hope you like it..... I had fun!
I want to enter this into the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge, quite handily, the theme this week is paint!
See you soon,
Trish xxxxxxxx


  1. Love the mixture of colours on this,can tell you had fun! Does it matter what type of paint you use or are there some that work better then others?


    1. Hi Donna! Any kind of acrylic paints work wonderfully, so far i haven't found any particular brand better than others! Thank you for the kind words! xx

    2. Thanks for your answer Trish,I am going to try this out as it's great to try new things. Your work really is very inspirational to all us newbies!


  2. Love this, Trish! I had forgotten all about painting with an atomic block. I think I'll get my messy on today. Bodice rippers...Oh my!;)

  3. Wow - it´s great - i love the details!

  4. Brilliant! Another mono printing masterpiece!
    Amanda x

  5. brilliant ! love the richness of this x

  6. So So So COOL!! Had no idea (doh) you could do this with an acrylic block?! Thought I'd have to wait to get a gelli plate (mucho pennies, lol).
    Your colours always are so complimentary to each other & the stamping, stitching & splats in white or black always look fab! Great idea, Great piece!
    Think I'll leave the dodgy novels though.... :))

  7. This is gorgeous!! Love your monoprinted painty background, the wonderful stamping and great colours. Thank you so much for sharing some paint inspiration with us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog this week!

  8. This is AMAZING in capital letters! I love everything about it, including how you encouraged us to try some monoprinting. And I happen to think that our mess level is in direct proportion to our creativity level for the day, so I'd count this as a major success on your part! I really like the energetic colors you used and the stamping you added was just perfect. LOVE the stitching and Washi touches, too. You combined so many elements so masterfully and the end result made me smile and feel highly inspired. And you're right: sometimes people images really do just need a red circle around their heads. I loved that touch! I sincerely do love this piece, right down to the sentiment you cut from that naughty "bodice ripper" novel! I've worked in a library setting for many years and can't tell you how sick I get of seeing just the covers of those novels over and over again! They're always the same! You've definitely elevated this novel to a higher level of taste by including a line of it into your stunning piece. Beautiful amazing work and I'm glad you shared it with us here at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog!


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