Friday, 1 July 2016

And breathe.... :)

I have a special announcement :)
Regular viewers here may notice the old blog has had a bit of a makeover.... why?

Today I am launching my first ever range of rubber stamps!

It's very very scary, but also a bit exciting too! As you all know, I've been addicted to rubber (stamps!) for hundreds of years :) I thought it was about time I actually stopped thinking about creating my own, and actually DID something!
So, my range of whimsical girl stamps is launched today! I'm launching the first 5 in the Wordgirl series first :) There will be lots more to follow....
The Wordgirls are my hand drawn whimsy girls that you may have seen over the past couple of years, all with a zentangle-y phrase in their dresses. My 'poster girl' is below..... she seems to sum up today for me!

The stamps are unmounted, deep etched red rubber, and are a nice chunky size (round about 6cm by 12cm depending on the design) Perfect for Art Journalling, putting on canvases or any other kind of art panel.
Speaking of art panels....

Just another example of art work I've created with the girls, there will be lots more from both me and some talented friends over the next few days!

My stamps are now available to buy over on Etsy HERE. They cost £6.99 each (not including shipping)

I think I need a lie down in a dark room........

Love Trish xx



  1. Congratulations on your range of stamps ! Fantastic !
    Corrie xx

  2. Yey congratulations Trish. You've always been such an inspirationally creative lady and your new stamps are fabulous. It was you who inspired my journey into paints and then more mixed media, so I thank you dearly. I do prefer the girls with open eyes, and can't wait to see your next releases. X

  3. Wow! Many congratulations Trish on your fab news and your whimsical girls look just amazing!
    Off to look now :-D
    Fliss x

  4. Wow! Congrats :) wishing you lots of sales for your lovely girls :)
    xoxo Sioux

  5. These are fabulous! Well done on your first stamp range! xxx

  6. congratulations have bought two they are adorable, what i really like is they have faces, i like gorguss girls but there is something really strange about them having no mouths. Good luck and WELL DONE!

  7. Congratulations Trish! I have been a follower for a long, long time and it's so lovely to see you evolving. I love your artwork and especially your girls so I think I may just have to get some,(there was a lot of arm twisting going on in the background as I type, lol) brilliant news xx

  8. Congratulations, Trish! Your WordGirls are FABulous!! Well done!
    Being a stamp maker myself, it has been a long, long time since I ordered stamps from other companies, but these babies were just too adorable to resist!! I bet they will fly off the shelves and I wish you and your stamps all the best! Can't wait to start using them! xx

  9. Your stamps are truly gorgeous Trish, I've already bought one and there will be others to follow. I just wanted to say what a dream it was to colour it in which is not the case with all stamps!
    Donna xx


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