Thursday, 8 December 2011

Fairy Sister!

This is the little sister of the fairy who lives in the love potion box.........nope, not lost the plot totally! I enjoyed creating the fairy box that is in this months Craft Stamper magazine  so much, I made another one! This one has been created inside a hinged wooden box, and my fairy is the tiny version of the stamp, hence little sister!
I gessoed and painted the box with blue and purple paints, then added accents in turquoise. As the inside of the box was tricky to get at, I stamped the flourish and dots that decorate it onto tissue before using ModPodge to glue it into place.
Bit of an odd photo, the large rectangle with the purple flourish on it is the open door of the box! Looks too big for some reason!
Closeup of the fairy.....
I'm liking these boxes!!
Trish x

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