Friday 18 May 2012

Dabbling With Distress....

Or, more class samples!
Just finished the latest batch of samples for upcoming classes, so thought I'd share!
This class is called Dabbling with Distress, we'll be spraying, splatting, staining, dying, stamping and stencilling using Distress Inks!

Basically, a 'throw the kitchen sink at it' type thing!! Not a scrapbook sized page (this is 21cm by 21cm), but could easily be adapted to fit that size if you wanted!
Lots of detail in the background...
We will be staining fabric to make flowers....
Even making out own pearl hatpins.....
Fabulous excuse to get very very inky indeed!!!
The class is on Saturday 9th June, places are limited so if you are interested please click on the Windmill Craft centre link in my sidebar for all the details!
Love Trish xxx

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