Monday, 21 May 2012

Sneaky peek time..For Calico Crafts!

My latest project for Calico Crafts is now live over at the Calico Crafts Blog  !! Why not pop over the have a look? It ties in nicely with the Fathers Day Challenge currently going on, why not check that out too whilst you're there!... Little peek to confuse you ..
Yes, you'd be paint involved this time!!
However..on the paint subject..... I think I can reveal my secret project, or at least another sneaky peek anyway! Have a look at this.....
Youtube Video
That is a clip from my upcoming DVD ! woooooooooooo!!!
I'll post more details once its been officially released, but thought I'd share that little taster!
Love Trish xxxx

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  1. love your secret project. love the calico crafts thing too but you already know that lol.. :)


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