Friday, 21 September 2012

Emily is cold....

Sometimes its the simple things that make you smile.....
I made this background a while ago, very very simple, smears of paint on a printed cardstock sheet, brayered and stamped. Then it sat there waiting for inspiration to strike..... needed something in the large blank area to the right....hmmm.... nothing I had seemed right, so I made it up!!!! Sometimes the daftest words somehow work!
Here is Emily....
Now, I know the stamp isn't really called Emily, but for some reason whenever I make stuff up like this, the *right* name to use is Emily! No idea why, I know no-one with the name, even my three daughters don't count an 'emily' amongst their friends!! Maybe I've created myself an invisible friend! eek!!!
Anyway, even brayering once can give you some fab texture....
Really recommend you having a go if you've never got a brayer painty before!!!
Have a great day!!
love Trish xxx


  1. Oh Trish your made up words really made me smile!! I think Emily is great (but i hope she's better soon).


  2. Love this.. and I love the arrival of Emily on your canvas! Wonderful piece!
    Alison x


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