Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Good morning! Another missing in action week last week...I will endeavour to get round everyones desk today though, promise!!
I've been trying out colour schemes for a project.... had an idea in my head which in the end didn't work out, which means I can show you as its not one of those pesky secrets!!
I did this by putting blobs of ink onto the card, then giving it a quick blast with the compressed air to splatter them. The black splats are watered down paint , flicked onto the card using a mini bottle brush. The resulting background turned out way too busy for the thing it was meant for......but I liked the effect so made lots! The finished piece I'll show you was from a previous background with more black splats...can't decide whether less black or more black works better!
I so much prefer doing the black bits with paint, inks just aren't dense and opaque enough for the effect I like best!
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Have a great week,
Trish xxxxx


  1. Happy WOYWW. I love those effects. The colours are gorgeous. Ali x #62

  2. Hi Trish, for what it is worth, I love the more is more one, it looks quite dramatic and draws the eye, but that's just my humble opinion. Must get one of those blowy tin things.......Happy WOYWW, Anne x #65

  3. I like the effect & the colours . Happy crafting jill #28

  4. A lovely busy creative play space you have there; thanks for sharing it and I hope you have a great week. The black really makes those lovely colours "pop"

  5. Love the effect you have made :)
    Happy woywwing
    Jennie #49

  6. What a great effect. We love your background.

    The bears @#93 this week

  7. Just love the background - so bright and happy! Must try that myself!

  8. That background may have not work for what you had in mind but it sure worked for what's on your desk. Great background, love the bright colors and the pop of black.
    Krishsa #40

  9. love the background :)
    happy woyww
    kay #56

  10. Oooh...I love a splashy background. Beautiful work! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh at #11

  11. Dang. Really loving that - and I so agree with you on the ink - black paint is well and truly BLACK, black ink, not so much. although I do have some liquid Drawing ink that is pretty darn black, but not tried it for this sort of effect so don't know how it'll work. Must experiment....


    MA (50)

  12. Very graffiti grunge - lpve those colours!!

  13. Hello teamie lol, I'm loving the splatter background, love the mix of colours. Have a great week Trish:) Happy WOYWW! Gillian #67

  14. looks like you are having fun. i love those bright colors. cheers, melinda alpha #55

  15. What amazing colours. The black splodges really make the colours sing don't they. It's a great background.
    Have lots of inky fun and Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #80

  16. The black splats are perfect although I always tend to over do it and over think. Yours is definitely bright and cheerful.
    Sandra @23

  17. OHhhh
    This reminds me of the PNE (a big sort of fair and exposition in Vancouver.
    When I was a kid, every school childd got free tickets to the PNE.
    There was a booth where you could put paint on a paper and then they put the paper onto a spinner where teh paint then spun out onto the page.

    Thanks for giving me this fond memory!

  18. Happy WOYWW a little late!! I LOVE the way your experiment turned out!!!! The colors are great together!

    Amy E. #8

  19. Love the background it is so cheerful & the image is great. She is on my wants list!!

  20. Hi Trish,
    I love chasing ink around, and you colour scheme experiments look terrific.
    I've got a little air brush thingy which is great fun for shmooshing inks.

  21. This looks amazing, Trish. Love your inky style,

    Lucy x

  22. Super cute loving the neon colors!Tamika #34


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