Friday 21 December 2012

Peacock Panels

For my last Creative Expressions DT piece of 2012, I decided to again showcase the Peacock Feather stamp from the Masquerade Stamp plate (can you tell how much I like this stamp?!)
Still with a Wintery silver and white feel, but a design that can be adapted to suit any occasion!
The main features of this card are the four triple embossed feather panels. In the true spirit of Christmas and the whole sharing thing (!!) is a little step by step on how to create them!!
The base you use needs to be fairly sturdy as there is a lot of UTEE going on there..... so no thin card! I've used greyboard (like the backs of A4 refill pads!) I put a coat of white paint on my squares just in case there was a missing bit of UTEE and the base could be seen!
Cover with a layer of embossing ink...
Cover with a layer of UTEE (I've used white...)
Melt the powder with a heat gun....
We need three layers of powder for this technique. If you're quick you can get the next layer of powder to stick to the previous hot layer of melted powder. If not, simply add more embossing ink!
Once the last layer of powder is on, I always take a minute before I melt it. This gives me time to get the stamp at the ready, inked up if I decide to impress colour into the powder or not (not, in this case!)
As soon as the third layer is melted, press the stamp into it. (Excuse my mucky acrylic block!)
Once the UTEE is cold, remove the stamp..
I've used silver paint to rub gently over the top to emphasise the design...
I created four panels, placing the stamp in a different position each time. Once done, I splattered them with silver and white paint...
and then mounted them all onto a piece of cardstock that I had stamped in silver with the feather..
I mounted the panel  onto a white card blank, and finished off with some silver yarn to complete the look!
Hope you like it!
I'll be back in the New Year with lots more Creative Expressions projects!!
Love Trish xxxxx


  1. Aother great make and step by step
    Have a great Christmas trace x

  2. Trish this is such a beautiful project, loving the wintery feel to the card, you are rocking with this stamp set. Have a wonderful christmas. xx


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