Thursday, 20 June 2013

Embrace The Magic

My DT piece for Creative Expressions this week features flowers and butterflies again, but in a more grungy style!
My base for this was an old bit of cardboard, I ripped away the top layer at the sides to give more texture, and to stop it looking quite so flat!
I covered the whole thing with white paint, then added my colour. Not too much colour, this is a much more muted scheme from me today! I used yellow and grey paint, and just scraped it on with a palette knife. once that was dry, I added a little black stamping. Not too much, you can maybe spot the plaid stamp, and a teeny bit of the petals from an Aster! I added my flower and butterfly (from the silhouette plate) to the panel. I did this by stamping onto tissue, then adhering with Glue N Seal. I've been playing about with collage mediums this week, just to see how they compare 'invisibility wise' ! Which ones make the tissue look the most invisible! I'll be sharing the results of my experiment next week, so check back!
Once the tissue was all dry, I added a nice thick coat of Rock Candy Crackle paint. Whilst it was still wet, I sprinkled on some grey glitter to the edges. It sticks well to the wet medium, with no need for additional glue! Once dry, the crackles gave the whole thing a nice textured grungy feel..
To act as a hanger, I put eyelets through the top of the panel, and added twisty wire...
The final touch was some chit chat stickers to give my piece a name....
Yellow isn't normally my thing, but I rather like it with grey I think!
love Trish xx


  1. a really great project and love the colours.

  2. I really like the yellow with the grey on this piece Trish. The flower stands proud against your painty backdrop. Love it. Tracy x

  3. I was going to begin by saying I don't do yellow but quite like with grey?? Spooky, lol....
    It particularly works because of the flower & grungey style. Like idea of sprinkling into medium & your crackle came out great!
    I did a piece with cardboard, stamping onto tissue first. It didn't come out too well so look forward to your results!!
    Thank you as always... :)))

  4. It's scrumptious, Trish!
    Alison x


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