Thursday, 27 June 2013

'Fly' hanging

My DT piece this week for Creative Expressions is a small hanging,  a painty background on a wooden substrate, using the fabulous stamps from the Floral Silhouette plate!
As I mentioned last week, I had a little experiment to compare how effective different mediums are when it comes to adhering stamped tissue to a background. This is how it went.....
I created my background first. The VERY important thing to remember is that you can't attempt this technique if your background isn't 100% permanent. Acrylic paint is wonderful, spray inks absolutely not!!!!
For each of the three mediums tested I followed exactly the same pattern. Smear a thin layer of medium onto the background...
Gently press down the stamped tissue on the medium. I used gift tissue stamped with VersaMagic ink as its permanent when heat set. Any permanent ink works! Some people have great results using cosmetic tissue, good old Kleenex. I find it is much trickier to use as it is more fragile and disintegrates easier! Experiment though, you may well find it works wonderfully for you!
Once the tissue is stuck down, smear (CAREFULLY!) another layer of medium over the top...
The medium needs to be smoothed firmly over the image, without wrinkling or tearing it!
I tried three different mediums, this is what they looked like 5 mins after applying...
The Glue N Seal on the left has virtually dried already, looking almost transparent. The Mod Podge in the middle is still a gluey mess, and the Multi Medium on the right is somewhere in between the two others!
Another pic 3 hours later when all the mediums had thoroughly dried...
The Mod Podge is now clearly the most transparent! However, the Glue N Seal is a very close second, and being as how the difference in drying time was over two hours....guess which one I'll be using if I'm in a hurry in future!!!
So..... onto the project!
I created a painty background on the wood using white, red ,yellow and orange paints...
Once totally dried, I added my stamped tissue flower. Another great plus point of using stamped tissue is that you can 'flip' the design. I actually prefer the little bent over leaf to be on the right of this flower, so I stamped the tissue then turned it over before adhering. Easy peasy!
As I'm using a nice chunky bit of wood, I wanted to decorate the edges too. I used washi tape.....
The butterflies were stamped onto painted card, then onto acetate. Cut out, and assembled on top of each other. I cut off the 'feelers' and used black wire instead...
My word uses die cut letters, adhered at the same time as the tissue flower so as to utilise the medium I'd spread about for the tissue to stick to! Covered with Glossy Accents for shine....
My hanger was simply made from twisted wire loops, glued to the back of the wood. I threaded some black suede through the loops so it can be hung up.
Hope you like it!
Love Trish xxx


  1. this looks fab, great colours as always x

  2. Really delicious... love the colours and the dimensional butterflies.

    And interesting experiment results. I've never used Mod Podge, had some glue'n'seal but ran out, and have been using multi-medium. Guess it's time to change again... so thank you for that.
    Alison x

  3. Like it???? - LOVE IT Trish - simply Fab!!!

  4. I don't like this at all. I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks so much for detailing the different mediums and tissue techniques too. Really helpful!! Your finished creation is super. Loving the colours you have worked with xx

  5. Quick dumb question.... What is 'gift' tissue? Same as tissue paper?
    Anyhow, brilliant to see how different adhesive work so thank you for experimenting!
    Absolutely lush colours, the way they have blended together is stunning! Must get some acetate to do layered effect, looks so good!
    Love this hanging Trish, so bright & happy but still enough 'shabby' (is that right one, do get muddled, lol)..
    TFI as always...... :)))


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