Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Look no paint!

A challenge to myself..... no paint for a whole week!
Cheating slightly in that I'm now up to my ears in jewellery stock making, so will have less time than normal for the messy side of things! However, I've started as I mean to go on.....
Spray ink background, purple and turquoise that have gone a very deep shade of blue that I wasn't really expecting when mixed together! Sprayed over a mask as you can see, then the mask was flipped over and used to print in sections. Regular ink (VersaMagic) used to stamp the dots/lines etc. The wooden star was covered with text paper then sprayed with the same inks...the colours have stayed a bit more true to how I thought they should be!
As I like to do, I've added a figure and some text....... I LOVE this lady, sadly available no more so I can't use her in published work. Which means that whenever I can, I like to give her an outing!
The word was done with a Dymo...and I have NO idea why the 'r' has jumped..... looks a little rude, don't know why!!
Stay tuned for more non-painty ideas this week!
love Trish xxxxx


  1. This is a great card! I noticed the r right away - and like that it's a little bit raised. Adds personality.

    The colors are great, by the way.


  2. Wonderful, Trish - lovely colours - serendipity? Although they're two of my fave colours. Love the image, too - can see why you like her. Definitely my cup of tea and I love the raised 'r' - what a great accident. I love whimsical text x

  3. great card , love the colours and I think the 'r' is a happy accident and the word looks better for it, I love random.

  4. What a fun card Trish! Love the sprayed background!


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