Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Workshop Sat 3/3/12

Bit late posting the sample for next Saturdays class......but I'm up to my ears in deadlines.....not to mention the back to back classes this past weekend! Great fun, but can't deny I was in dire need of a sit down by Sunday evening!
This coming weekend its notionally a workshop to play with DMC Memory Thread. Fab stuff, feels like cord, but the flexibility and staying power of wire. Loads of good colours too! My problem came when I started planning in detail and realised that to accomplish the projects I had in mind, it would take up metres and metres of the stuff, so would work out waaaay too expensive for a workshop!! So, the class is now more regular wire and less memory thread! This is one of the things we're creating....
(Which also qualifies for my 'no paint this week' challenge I've set myself!!)
The turquoise petals are the memory thread! Inky background, tissue tape border, then the wire flower!
The centre is one of my new favourite things...... my boss at the craft shop ordered what were supposed to be wooden buttons, but when they came they had no holes. Bit useless as buttons frankly, but FABULOUS as centres for flowers if you cover them in text paper and tinted Glossy Accents!
We'll be making something else too......but until I've finished and posted two mag projects, I'm not even thinking about the other sample!!
love Trish xx


  1. Love this, Trish! Wanna come to one of your workshops... x

  2. WOW, the colors, everything is yummy!


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