Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I am such a bad post since last weeks WOYWW.... *hangs head in shame*
All I will say is that I'm up to my ears in a very exciting, very secret project. All will be revealed later in the year, but for now I have to keep the lips zipped!
My desk is back to being messy...yay!
Here it is first thing today....
What on earth are those strange things???? You mean these?.....
Why arms and legs, obviously.............!!
Tissue wrapped around a wire frame. Stuck into a bit of oasis until they dry! These are for an art doll I'm making for a couple of blog challenges this week. Once dry, they'll get painted and attached to the body. I had to put a sheet of paper between them and the oasis because all the 'stuff', the gritty material the oasis is made from REALLY didn't like being near gluey tissue, and tried to stick all over the place. Not the look I was after! This will get finished later, so check back tomorrow to see the finished dolly!!!
The most fabulous blog hop on the planet starts at Julias place.... Go take a peek, join in and totally lost in the craft rooms of the world!
Annnnnnnd....HUGE thank yous to all you most wonderful people who were so lovely about my cupcake rings last week! Made me smile lots! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Trish xx


  1. Look forward to seeing the finished doll

  2. I could tell what they were...honest! Very interested to see the finished project x
    Sophie no.88

  3. Looking foward to seeing the completed doll... Hugs May x x No9

  4. Looking forward to seeing the end result!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Well that looks intriguing! I thought it was some sort of alien sculpture before I read about it! #77

  6. Arms and legs obviously! LOL! I thought you twisted yourself some mary jane cigarettes there. Although why you had them on end is beyond me. I spy lots of good things on your desk. Happy WOYWW #134

  7. Wednesday’s sure do come around quick! Trying again to make “All” the rounds. You got me on the arms and legs LOL I look forward to checking back and seeing what you come up with. Have a great day!

  8. Of course they are arms and legs....really(?). Looking forward to seeing the end result. Impressed that you can keep a secret until later in the year too, I would never make it! Regards, Anne #66

  9. Well, yours has to be the most intriguing desk I've come across so far this week. It's a good job you told us what those were, it could have been a quiz, bet no one would've got it right. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #123

  10. Ooooh being partial to dolls I'm eager to see them all finished up! Happy WOYWW! Warmly, Tracy #34

  11. Mmm very intruiging, will pop back to see the finished doll
    janet #13

  12. What fun..dolls, hope to see the completed ones. Love different ideas. Happy WOYWW.

  13. Oh wow - show me the dolly! I'll be back for another peek :) Di xx

  14. Good Lord Trish, I can't even imagine a challenge card these days, so I'm super impressed! Actually, I'm also super impressed that you keep oasis in the house ! And as Di says

  15. You could get an Arts Council grant for the arms/legs sculpture - they're better than many things I've seen in Tate Modern!!
    Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

  16. Can't wait to see how this turns out! Your workdesk looks very ordered, love the exclamation marks block!
    Suzanne #105

  17. Oooh bizarre but intriguing legs/arms! Thanks for sharing for this weeks WOYWW, it's Thursday now but I'm still snooping my way through the list. Take care Zo xx 22

  18. Well that's intriguing--you will share the finished dolly??




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