Friday, 31 May 2013

Flower Girl?

I'm a little later posting this today....I got totally distracted by about 50 donkeys outside my window......really!!!!
I should explain. My house backs onto the very large car park in Blackpool. When I opened the curtains this morning there seemed to be all of the donkeys in Blackpool clip clopping around the car park! (with owners, of course, although much more entertaining if not!!) I'm guessing it was some kind of assessment thing, they were all being checked for fitness, having their pictures taken.... anyway, very distracting!!!
So..... todays project! I made a painty panel for Creative Expressions....
I've used lots of stamps, and combined them all together to make a weird and wonderful (well I think so!) art doll....
I started off with a torn cardboard panel, just love the exposed texture...
I smeared and scraped red, blue and black paint across the cardboard to colour it, then got busy with some printing in the same colours...
(for some reason, looking at the above picture I can see a bloke wearing a cape riding a motorbike.....)
I used the chicken wire stamp, along with the alphabet stamp too....
My doll is composed of three different stamps, the large Aster from the Heartfelt Creations set, the Steampunk Dressform, and a Tatty Button figure....
The Tatty Button figure is actually a Christmas stamp, and a lot of that hair is technically part of her hat! I think I just about got away with it though!!!
All the dots you can see are a little technique you can have a go at to create a little texture and splat effect without getting the paints out! All the dots are individual crystals of UTEE, sprinkled sparingly then melted in....
I typed the phrase, and added it to finish...
A little bit of fun for what has been a very odd day here so far!!!!
love Trish xxxx


  1. Wow donkeys outside your window, bet that was a lovely sight. I did not realise you lived in Blackpool. Brilliant piece Trish, your doll is wonderful and such a creative use of the stamps. Love it. Tracy x

  2. A fabulous tag - and I like your 'frankenstein'art doll - the pieces go together beautifully. I widh you'd taken a photo of the donkey gathering - that would be a sight to see! LOL

  3. Yup... I can see that 50 donkeys would be distracting!! Fabulous creation - the colours are so vibrant bouncing off each other, and the art doll is a delight.
    Alison x

  4. I love this panel Trish, the colours, the fab art doll, everything!!! Think I would have been distracted too! Lol!
    Alison x

  5. Now, why didn't I think of that? Combining different stamps to make a whole other form is a fantastic idea & looks so good.
    Loving colours on the panel, your choices are always cool... As to sprinkled UTEE? Wow!
    Thanks so much Trish, sorry that I'm late again... :))))


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