Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ten Minute Tuesday

Vicki over at The Biskit Barrel has a great play along challenge on a Tuesday....simply share something you've created in just 10 minutes. Great for when you have just a smidge of time, with no concrete ideas of where your muse will take you! I just used up some stuff that was on my desk (instead of tidying it up, I used it again!!)
I cut some white card into a tag shape, then very quickly and randomly scraped red paint over it. Where it ended up fairly thick, I used the tip of my palette knife to score more random lines into it...
Once dried, I gently brayered with black paint, then used two stamps for some detail. A script stamp, and a circle stamp...
I had cut out the girl for something else, but decided to go with another image, so she was just waiting to be used! I placed her over the circle to give a halo effect....
The heart panel was a scrap of card left over from some punching. It got the same painty treatment as the tag, then I sewed it to a black scrap and glued it to the tag...
I really had fun with this, just using leftovers on my desk was very liberating! It normally takes me more than 10 minutes just to decide paint colours....
Hope everyone is having a nice week...hailstones and pouring rain here in Blackpool today, and an extra jumper needed for the school run! Flipping freezing!
Love Trish xxxx


  1. Great tag love your colour choice, sharing your weather pain as just up the road
    Amanda x

  2. This is gorgeous Trish - I love the effect of the punched out hearts with the black card behind. I bet it would take me longer than ten minutes but I think I will have a go at it

    I have really been enjoying joining in with Vickis Ten Minute Challenge - it makes me get off my butt and actually do something!!

  3. Only 10 minutes... really? Amazing work Trish. I could make a bit of a mess in 10 minutes, but a card??? No chance! Jo x

  4. Sorry it's not Tuesday anymore..
    Cannot believe this only took 10 mins?! It's fabulous, I really want to find a cheap sewing machine, stitching on projects looks so cool! I did challenge myself but a) got carried away with experimenting so forgot about time b) no way I'd share apart from in my gallery, called it "another fine mess"? Lol, says it all huh?...
    Hope you had a good rest of the week, tk care. Caroline :))


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