Sunday, 12 August 2012

Ear worms.....

You know, those little snatches of songs that suddenly appear in your head for no apparent reason, then stay for days..........!! I've had one of those for ages, who knows why, so I thought if I made it the subject of a 'creation' it might make it go away!!!
The song in question is Dreamer by Supertramp...... and this is what I made..
 I started of with a regular square of cardstock, then stuck down lots of texture.....
Die cut cardstock and a strip of sinamay for starters..
Then die cut letters underneath a metal foil tape sheet.....
I used the foil tape as I wanted the letters to have a softer edge, so they blend more into the background and become part of it. Sometimes letters simply stuck on can look too much like they're just sitting there...... ( I know what I mean anyway!!!) As you can see, metal foil tape takes paint in exactly the same manner as the cardstock......
I also scraped texture paste through a circle stencil...
You can really build up the layers of texture this way..... Texture paste OVER sinamay and cardstock works fabulously......
Once all the paste was dry, it was a simple matter of smearing and sponging paint to create the background. A Zettiology figure and computer generated phrase to finish......
Now, am I still singing that song in my head?....... um..... yep...... that 'exorcism' didn't work then!!!!
Have a great rest of weekend, I'm looking forward to the big Olympic closing ceremony concert later!!
Love Trish xxxxx


  1. Love this piece Trish, expecially where you have put the paste through the stencil, I don't have much luck there but hoping your DVD which is on its way to me (Yay!) might cover that....A x

  2. Cool! Love the techniques you used and how you incorporated different elements into your creation! So inspiring!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful piece Trish! Loving your background - divine as usual. The little stamped figure is wonderful.

  4. Inky, textured, embossed background is sensational, and the technique with the foil and the letters is brilliant - and I know exactly what you mean about them just sitting there otherwise... and about the earworms!
    Alison x

  5. what fabulous pages! I love the color palette and the texture!

  6. I love that song (and will have it in my head now). You have such gorgeous buildup of color and texture.

    Wait till you see what I am posting tomorrow... I did not see your project until just now, but we have something very much in common. Like minds, I guess!


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