Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Good Morning everyone!
Missed you all last week! Hope the sun is shining wherever you in Blackpool it can't make its mind up between being very hot and sunny, or chucking it down lots. Which is VERY annoying as you need to make a choice between sweating or being soaked with rain whenever you leave the house. Think I may just give up and stay inside!
My desk this week...
Sorry its a tad blurry....this is the best of a very large bunch, I seem to have shaky camera hand syndrome today for some reason! What have I been doing? Making some hammered copper rings for a jewellery project. I've bashed them with my chasing hammer on the steel block you can see, then dipped them in liver of sulphur solution to oxidise them. You can see the steel wool on the desk where I've been removing some of the oxidised layer to give that fab antiqued look! And what do I do with them then? Well, can't show you what those specific rings will be used for as its for a mag project, but in true 'Blue Peter''s something I made earlier.....
This was also a mag project, but its been months since it was published so we're all OK! Lots of rings, simply fastened together with loops of seed beads. Closeup of the rings...
I thought it was one of my more simple projects, but according to the lovely lady who cuts my copper rings she had rather a lot of orders after it came out, so it seems it was very popular!
Anyway....... happy WOYWW to all, and for those who have no clue what I'm on about.... pop on over to Julias place and join in the bestest blog hop on the planet!!
Love Trish xxxxx


  1. Hi Trish, I am not a bit surprised that she had lots of orders, your necklace is beautiful, gorgeous colours. Is there no end to your your workspace too, looks nice and light and airy. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #32

  2. Such an organised workspace with shelves full of wonderful crafty toys!! Loving the jewellery. Certainly not surprised your supplier was inundated. Hugs, Buttons #81

  3. I could do with a desk setup like that, the plugs above and easily accessed! Love your necklace!


  4. Love love love the necklace! Great colours too.
    Have a good week,

  5. I'm not surprised she had lots of orders either, it's just fabulous! Looking forward to seeing what these rings are for in due course. The weather can't make its mind up near Lancaster either, although it's very very windy which rules out cycling. Rubbish! Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.87

  6. Nice an organised as one would expect. Like the look of you necklace. Fracnesca #99

  7. Thanks for visiting me.

    Your desk looks amazing!

    Happy WOYWW.

    Sarn xxx

  8. Terrific desk and beautiful necklace - love what you've done with the copper rings. I have a permanent shaky hand problem so now have a camera that automatically adjusts for me - otherwise I'd never have photos to scrap. Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #105

  9. Thanks for calling by at mine today. I love your jewellery makes...fab designs,
    A x #72

  10. Ah now, see, that's exactly why your supplier got lots of orders - because it was a simple design and easy to achieve, so it wasn't beyond the remit of lots of folks.

    Always love your space - looks so light and airy!

    Thanks for stopping by today...

  11. What an awesome desk, and wow what a fab necklace, love the hammered copper finish.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugz Minxy #78

  12. Simple, sort of, but very effective. I'm not surprised lots of folk wanted to have a go at making it too.
    I like copper, and the beaten effect on the rings is super. Kate x

  13. I would pick your desk over the rain too. Especially if I could turn out such wonderful jewelry.
    Keep smiling and creating. thanks for popping by

  14. Copper and hammers and liver of sulphur - it all sounds very alchemical and wonderful! Love the example, and can't wait to see what happens next... Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  15. wow, beautiful necklace! happy woyww
    Lindsay #46

  16. Hi Trish love your necklace the copper rings look fab. What a great neat work space too loads of space to spread out, thanks for popping by my place and have a great Wednesday, hugs Erika.

  17. Hi Trish love your necklace the copper rings look fab. What a great neat work space too loads of space to spread out, thanks for popping by my place and have a great Wednesday, hugs Erika.

  18. Love your creative space, and your necklace it's so beautiful!!

  19. I think that simple and elegant is best..and your design is fab. I can see why they sold like hot cakes!!
    But Liver of Sulphur??? Are you sure you're not practising Alchemy as well. I have visions of you stirring a large cauldron :)
    Hugs, LLJ #71

  20. I'm not surprised she was inundated with orders of copper rings. This is so lovely Trish. You clever lady. I really like your painty texture canvas too below. Very cool. Love all your work anyway, you're a true inspiration. Michelle x #12

  21. That's beautiful Trish :o) I love those colours with the copper rings.

  22. Such a gorgeous necklace Trish - clever you!

  23. Lovely necklace, Trish--will look forward to seeing the results of your latest efforts, too!

    Thank you so much for stopping by this week!
    :)trisha #23

  24. awesome workspace. I wish I had that much desk to play on! Love the jewelry! Thanks for visiting my blog. Vickie #68

  25. know what you mean about the weather but down south it is warm and wet so you get a double wammy!
    the ring necklace looks fab

  26. Thanks for stopping by.Should have known you'd love the new stash of texture paste and paints, could do with you round to show me what to do with them - LOL. Still pondering your DVD.
    Happy WOYWW BJ #6

  27. Great desk and I love your necklace. I think I'm going to use copper more in jewellery making as silver is so expensive. Donna bought a small piece so she can come to me and learn silversmithing skills and it cost her a King's ransom. Seeing your gorgeous copper necklace reminded me what a lovely metal it is to use. .
    Thanks for your comment on my blog too,
    Love joZarty x

  28. Your workspace is very tidy! I like the shelf with the stamps on it.
    Your jewelry is lovely too!!

  29. It's no wonder the lady was inundated with orders, if you can make something like that from the rings. It is really beautiful.
    I noticed the millions of stamps on your shelves. That's incredible, I didn't know there were that many stamps made :)
    Have a great week.
    Von #45

  30. Beautiful necklace and your work space always looks so well organised.

  31. Busy and interesting desk there. Loving that necklace! Well done!
    Thanks for your visit. Had a visitor yesterday evening so missed going round last night!

  32. I think it is gorgeous! I love the design and the colours and the fact that it is not all twinkly and blingy! n#79

  33. Sorry to be so late visiting this week Trish

    You have so many strings to your bow, it’s hard to keep up with what you’re doing, Lol.

    I love the finish on those rings and the completed piece is stunning…wonder what the new piece will look like?

    Happy Crafting!

  34. My goodness, that is gorgeous! I love it!
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #52

  35. Hi Trish, great work space and it's so neat & tidy. Love your copper necklace wow. Gillian #142

  36. Beautiful work. Love the colours
    Famfa 28

  37. I'm a sucker for turquoise, and it looks so well with these antiqued rings, perfect choice I'd say! There's also quite a lot going on. Under your desk Miss Trish, all that blue card stock, are you in a colour phase?


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