Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Mega Metal Bottlecap!

I love bottlecaps, I use them flat as embellishments, or as they come, filled with resin or UTEE as little niches. I've even used vintage caps in a bracelet..... So imagine how excited I was to see these simply ginormous ones!!! Now, I'll admit, they're not new, been around for a while apparently, but I've only just found them! By Maya Road, they come in a few sizes. This one is 3 inches across!
I started out with lots of intricate and detailed ideas....planning on filling the space full of lots of tiny ephemera. Once I actually got hands on though, it felt 'right' just to keep it very simple. So thats how it ended up......
The metal is aluminium (probably!) so silver in tone to begin with. I gave it a dry brushing of white paint, then a light sponging of fuchsia. Splats of the pink and black paint, then I added a thin checkered frame I cut and coloured. The little lady gets a second outing this week, just the perfect size for this!
The bottlecap is fairly deep, as you can see if I show you an angled shot...
So plenty of scope there to fill it with resin/utee/glossy accents for a future project! I glued my figure to a tube bead before glueing that to the bottlecap, just to make her stand proud slightly.
I think I *just* have time to enter this into The Stampman Medals/Metals Challenge !! Nothing like squeaking into a deadline with 24 hours to spare eh?! The bottlecap is metal, and as its round it could possibly be a very funky medal of some kind too? maybe? possibly? hmmmm...... its metal anyway!!!
Have a lovely week!
Love Trish xxxxx


  1. wow thats cool, i have not seen the big ones either, i love seeing new things and ideas. great stamp as well. mark

  2. gosh two posts in 1 day and you still had time to make fab stuff.great idea to fill with utee etc must add that to my 10 year plan LOL
    janet #59

  3. Hi Trish,

    Very cool bottle cap art! I've asked my friend (that drinks beer from a bottle AND wine) to save her bottle caps and wine corks!

    I'm going to email you about your DVD. Watch for it!

    Kay #30

  4. I avoided bottle caps because they were too small and fiddly but this size is so much better and more versatile for me.
    Love the little one sitting in there - she is worthy of loads of outings!
    Great colours - not sure how you make splats look so considered - mine just look like random blobs - perhaps it's to do with the paint?

  5. Hi Trish, this is just fabulous, so much in a 3" space, love the colours and the gorgeous little girl. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  6. So cool! I love the simplicity of it and the pink and black xx

  7. I just love this!!! What a cool bottle top, never seen one!!! You have done an amazing job with this, fab trace x

  8. It's so cute! For a moment I thought it was the little ones!


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