Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Happy Wednesday everyone!
WOYWW- the blog hop that takes you where other blog hops wouldn't dare... the craft desks of the world!! Hop on over to Julias place and start the mammoth peek into the mess of others!
My desk this week is a long shot for a change....maybe it'll look less messy this way???!!
Um.... that'll be a no then...still messy! I was creating a painty thing for a challenge (no change there then!) and decided to use up the excess paint on a tag rather than wasting it....then the tag kind of developed into something I liked more than the original project! So, I'll show you the original canvas, and put the tag into the challenge instead!
As you can see by all the black paint left over on the paper in the desk shot, I didn't use white with my brayer for a change, wanted a darker look this time! Hardly any printing either, the background was 99% stamped using paint...
My top tip for stamping onto canvas....use unmounted stamps WITHOUT the acrylic block. As canvases aren't supported in the centre, there isn't a good solid surface to stamp onto. Using stamps that can be bent slightly to take the 'give' of the canvas surface into account gives a much better result. Having said that, I still always use the stamping onto tissue technique for anything that has fine detail!
The image is Zettiology, the words Unity Stamp Co.....
Check back tomorrow and I'll show you the tag I like better than this!!!!
Have a lovely week..
Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I thought I was the only one with so many wooden stamps, but mine are currently in boxes, love your desk space. The canvas is brill, great colour scheme. Fracnesca #31

  2. Sorry can't spell my own name. Francesca #31

  3. Your desk looks like heaven!
    Have a good week,

  4. Love your shelves of stamps! They look so pretty all lined up. Great tip about stamping on canvas. :) Happy WOYWW! Tammy #67

  5. I never tire of looking at your desk and your wooden stamp collection... fabulous! Love the canvas and great tip whilst stamping on it.. Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#40

  6. I love the shelves you have that hold all your stamps!!! And the background colors on the canvas are great too!! Have a great day!!! #97

  7. You look like someone after my own heart with your shelves of stamps (quite similar to mine). Love your crafting. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #99 x

  8. I love nothing better than a busy workspace.... well maybe my hubby and kids ..Great looking canvas i must check out the Zettiology stamps I haven't seen those before Happy WOYWW toni x

  9. I like the colours you've used and the stamped images - very funky!
    Hugs, LLJ #13 xx

  10. Your desk looks like a great place to be creative and you have been that with this canvas. Love all the painty stamping and the image.
    x catherine

  11. Super canvas, wish I could do things like that too. Thanks for stopping by BJ #19

  12. Fantastic workspace - I love the canvas too - very clever. x Jo

  13. Wow to the stamp shelves - wow! And I love the canvas, so can't wait to see the tag that tops it!
    Alison x

  14. Well if this is the reject I can't wait to see the one you were happier with!!! Love the whole way you have put this together and your choice of colours. Thanks for your lovely comment. Hugs, Buttons x

  15. Love the canvas and your crafting space is just amazing - I could snoop around all day! Thank you for the tip for stamping on canvas - it really doesn't end very well with the acrylic block!

  16. funny the way the side line sometimes over shadows the main piece isn't it... having said that the canvas is lovely, great stamping. looking forward to seeing the tag,
    janet #120

  17. Hi Trish,

    Every time I come visit I'm just amazed by your wall of stamps. Um, can I come visit?

    Your canvas looks GREAT. Now I can't wait to see the tag.

    Today is my blog anniversary (one year). Candy will be announced soon. I'm taking a poll so pop on over and put in your 2 cents worth.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #96

  18. Hi Trish.
    Great technique and a good hint about stamping onto canvas with unmounted stamps - makes eminent sense.
    I don't know whether the policy is daft, or I am, or the writers of the policy. Anyway, I agree that as long as the stamp itself is not reproduced for sale, we should just work with these lovely images and move on.
    Thanks for your visit; enjoyed dropping in on you.
    Ros. #16

  19. Hi Trish - I almost spat my tea over the screen here, really laughed at your long shot and 'That'd be a No then' :))

    Wow, I'd love to get into your craft room for a rummage round all those stamps.

    Belated Happy WOYWW, at least we finished the job in super fast time! Di xx #3

  20. Wow, I think you have more stamps than a shop. I'm so impressed. I didn't know you could stamp on a canvas, maybe I should buy some stamps, it looks like fun.
    Have a great week.
    Von #17

  21. Great tip on how to stamp on canvas ... which looks fab.
    Sandra @74

  22. My word but you have a LOT of wood mounted stamps! I am drooling now.
    Love the canvas.
    Happy belated WOYWW
    Tertia 86

  23. Wow! Look at all your stamps. Much prefer wooden stamps. Would love a wall taller than me (my craft room is in the loft so I have a sloping ceiling.
    I love your canvas! It is lovely!
    If I am printing on canvas I sometimes put the stamp on the desk and put the canvas on top with my hand inside! That kinda works!

  24. I like them both! Love the continuity on the gal standing on the border. Really great colors and build up of layers.... fab!

  25. Oh my goodness look at all the stamps! It would be so much fun to come play in your craft room!!

    Love all the layers and texture on your canvas. The colors are gorgeous too!

    Amy E. #8

  26. Oooh, love the canvas! Sweet mix of paint, stamping and designs! And I'm not brave enough to take a photo of my work space, lol!

  27. Hi Trish

    I'm really late getting round to everyone this week! Thanks for stopping by my blog though.

    Love your work space - very light and airy! The canvas is fab. I've got a couple at home but haven't quite had the courage to do anything with them yet.


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