Thursday, 12 January 2012


Yesterdays post showed the background I managed to create when I challenged myself to work with orange...... Well, I finished it!
As I thought, I added a Zettiology image of the girl, and stitched around the edges. The machine packed up halfway cross the bottom strip, you can see where it left holes not thread! However, a happy accident as I quite like the holes! I added a lot more background stamping/printing, put some words on and outlined a few bits. I think I like it!
Couple of close ups...
Love Trish xxx


  1. Wow this is a stunner.
    A colorfest. I love it.

  2. this is gorgeous Trish. Orange is one of my favourite colours to work with.

  3. Loving all the details on this. I really like the orange the way you have used it - I don't seem to use orange much, I might have a go now! I really like the idea of no thread stitch marks too!


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