Sunday, 8 January 2012

Waste not, want not.....

One of the most inspirational artists around, Dina Wakely, shared a tip a while back. She said she always keeps any spare paint, inks etc from a project to use another time. By that I mean wiping up any leftovers, using tags or smearing directly into journals etc. Fab, unexpected colour combinations and patterns emerge, and can be a starting point for new art projects. Great idea I thought, so since then I've been doing just that. I thought I'd show you just how this works in practice..........
I made this canvas board.......

Using red, mauve and lime paint, with plenty of gesso thrown in for good measure!
One of Dinas own stamps from her line for Stampington....
And a 50p special stamp I discovered in my local Home Bargains store!
Once I'd finished the canvas, there was a load of paint still on the piece of acetate I use as a palette. I swiped the painty acetate over three tags, and let them dry to use later.
Three different effects, the left hand one had gesso added, the middle one is just excess paint applied with a palette knife and the right hand side tag simply printed with the acetate.
I'm planning on some studio time tomorrow, so I'll show you if anything creative comes from one of them!
Love Trish xx

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  1. Stunning colours Trish! (thanks for your kind words re my heart cookie cutter) :o) Sam


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