Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sometimes 'simple' works out well!

Whilst I love spending hours (days sometimes if things won't dry!!) on projects, I get just as big a kick out of something that takes literally a minute to create! This tag is exactly that...a one minute wonder!
Remember the 'revamped' canvas board of a few posts back? I had used turquoise and pink paint on it...and as usual swiped the leftover paint onto a tag. I had also used acetate stars to mask off areas on the board. Again, these masks can become creative elements in their own right, don't bin them! So, add the acetate star to the painty tag, add a word, a few printed circles and a bit of outlining, and hey presto, new art that took seconds!!!

Love Trish xxx


  1. Hi Trish just seen your article in craft stamper and thought I would pop over to check out your blog and so glad I have love your work I really admire anyone who does altered art and stuff using so many mixed media items it tends to scare me a little so have only dabbled in it but I love the thought of getting messy
    Jacki xx

    1. Thanks Jacki!
      Don't be scared about it...the start of the creating process always involves playing! playing with colour,texture and different mediums. Don't set out to create anything, just get messy, play about and i bet you you'll actually end up inspired to create something fabulous!!!
      T xxx


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